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Linking Policy

 The Springfield-Greene County Park Board (“Park Board”) has adopted a policy on links from the Park Board's website that was upheld in the Putnam Pit, Inc. vs. City of Cookeville, Tennessee, ELECTRONIC CITATION: 2000 FED App. 0235P (6th Cir.). In the Putnam Pit Case, the Court upheld a policy which limits links to those that promote the economic welfare, tourism, and industry of the city, as well as links to government and educational institutions.

Springfield-Greene County Park Board’s Policy on Links:

The Springfield Greene-County Park Board will not permit a new electronic link from its website except upon the following conditions, and only after the person has made written application to the Springfield Greene-County Park Board and the application has been approved by the Director of Parks, based upon information in the application showing that the applicant meets the following criteria and the applicant is one of the following:
  1. The State of Missouri or the federal government or an agency thereof.
  2. A college or university in the State of Missouri funded with public funds
  3. 3. A political subdivision of the State of Missouri that is located, in whole or in part, in the Springfield, Greene County, Missouri area, or within 50 miles of the City of Springfield; or
  4. 4. A not-for-profit corporation organized under the laws of the State of Missouri that promotes the economic welfare, tourism and industry of the Springfield-Greene County Park Board.
Persons who have existing links that meet the above criteria may continue without being required to fill out a new application. All other links shall be discontinued upon the adoption of this Policy.

Use of the Springfield-Greene County Park Board’s Logo or Images

The Springfield Greene-County Park Board logos and images are registered service marks with the Missouri Secretary of State. Unauthorized use of protected images will be prosecuted. For permission to use an image, call 417-874-1049. 

Use of the Springfield-Greene County Park Board’s Data

Any person, company or agency using data obtained from the Springfield Greene-County Park Board’s open data systems must include the following disclaimer on their website, software application or other means of distributing this information:
“This site provides data that has been modified for use from its original source, www.parkboard.org, the official website of the Springfield-Greene County Park Board.  The Springfield-Greene County Park Board makes no claims as to the content, accuracy, timeliness, or completeness of any of the data provided at this website. The data provided at this website is subject to change at any time without any type of notice. It is understood that the data provided at this website is being used at one’s own assumption of risk.”
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