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  1. Parks Alcohol Permit Application

    Alcohol may be served by private caterers at Dickerson Park Zoo, Lake Springfield Boathouse, Springfield Botanical Gardens and Davis... More…

  1. Preliminary Rental Request

Forms & Applications

  1. Academy Participant Application

    Academy participant application for Cooper Tennis Complex

  2. Accessible Recreation Survey
  3. Parks Employee Picnic RSVP

    Please RSVP to the picnic.

  4. RWFP Summer Camp Release Form

    Use this online form to submit the release for Summer Camp at the Farm Park.

  5. Virtual Run Results Submission
  1. Accessible Recreation Participant Profile
  2. Parks Business Card Request Form
  3. Parks Private Tennis Lessons Request

    Parks Private Tennis Lessons Request

  4. Video Submission
  5. Wedding Show Giveaway Form