How do the four categories work?

There will be one starting line, with two staggered starts. 

  • Elite: Your race bib is RED. Line up by the stage/starting gate on St Louis Street, near John Q Hammons Parkway. Elite starts with the first starting gun, right at 8 a.m. This area is marked by RED flags. 
  • Runners: Your race bib is GREEN. Line up behind the Elite on St Louis Street. When Elite clears out, the Runners group moves forward for a second starting gun. This area is marked by GREEN flags. 
  • Walker/Family: Your race bib is WHITE. This area has no fencing. Line up behind Runners on St Louis Street, from west of Jordan Valley Car Park to Kimbrough Ave. This is, by far, the largest group. The Walker/Family groups moves forward after the Runner group clears out. 
  • Dog: Your race bib is YELLOW. Participants with dogs are encouraged to line up near the rear of the Walker/Family group, close to the Springfield Expo Center. This group will start with the Walker/Family group. Please clean up after your dog.

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1. What’s Turkey Trot?
2. Where and when is Turkey Trot?
3. How can I be a part of Turkey Trot?
4. How much does registration cost?
5. May I register for more than one person at a time?
6. Do I need to register my baby or toddler?
7. When/where do I get my t-shirt and race packet?
8. Do I have to run the race, or may I walk?
9. Which category should I enter?
10. How do the four categories work?
11. What about wheelchair users?
12. What is a Traveling Trotter?
13. May I bring my rollerblades, skateboard, scooter or bicycle?
14. May I bring headphones?
15. May I bring my dog?
16. May I bring my stroller?
17. Why are strollers and dogs not allowed in the Elite and Runner categories?
18. Do I have to be in front, or in the Elite or Runner categories, to win a prize?
19. Who may win prizes?
20. How may I find my race time?
21. Where do I take my food donation for Ozarks Food Harvest?
22. Where do I park?
23. Where can I leave my bags or coats?
24. What if I get hurt, or can’t finish the race?
25. What if my child gets lost?
26. What if it rains or snows?
27. I registered, and then I changed my mind. May I get a refund?
28. This is my first Turkey Trot. Anything else I need to know?
29. How do we compete for Best Dressed and Largest Family?