What is there to do on a normal day?

There are many different activities to do that are free on a normal day. We have a farm-themed playground to play on, pedal tractors to ride, animals to see and pet, a pond to fish in (has a small fee), shop around in the Gift Shop, and antique tractors to take pictures on. We also have Wilson's Creek Walking Trail that makes up the northern border of our property to walk on. Or you could bring a kite, blanket, and picnic basket and sit and have a picnic, or bring a team of people and play ball games.

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1. How much does the classroom cost to rent and what does it include?
2. When can I rent the classroom?
3. Is there anything else I can add to the classroom rental?
4. What is there to do on a normal day?
5. How much does it cost to fish at the pond?
6. What kind of fish are in the pond?
7. I'm in the barn, but I don't see any animals. Where are all the animals?
8. How much does it cost to come out to the farm?