Pool Connection

To enhance customer safety and security at outdoor pools this summer, the Park Board is launching the Pool Connection digital photo ID.

The Pool Connection is a free digital ID that includes each customer’s name, address, phone number, picture and emergency contact information. The Pool Connection builds upon the digital ID system already in use at Park Board Family Centers. 

Although the Pool Connection was originally intended to be required, the Park Board has determined voluntary compliance is appropriate for the 2023 season. 

Outdoor pool customers are strongly advised to establish a Pool Connection. Customers may also establish a Pool Connection without presenting a Photo ID or having their picture added to their profile, as previously required. Customers without the Pool Connection, however, will be admitted to outdoor pools this summer.

While outdoor pools don't open until May 27, the Pool Connection application may be completed now. The process has two steps: an application, which may be filled out online or on paper; and an in-person visit to a family center or outdoor pool to have your picture taken and complete the application.

All customers who complete their Pool Connection in person will receive a complimentary one-day outdoor pool pass, redeemable at any outdoor pool location

“The Pool Connection will help us keep everyone in our outdoor pools safe, especially for kids 12-17 who may be swimming without a parent,” said Bob Belote, Director of Parks. “In the event of an emergency, it’s important for us to know who is in our pools, and how to reach their parent or guardian, or their emergency contact.” 

The Pool Connection is not a physical ID; it resides within the Park Board’s Active online program registration database and is only accessible by Parks staff.

The Pool Connection has no monetary value. Customers are responsible for paying normal pool admission fees for each visit. Pool admission fees remain the same as 2022. 

While outdoor pools don't open until May 27, customers may create their Pool Connection now. The process has two steps: creation of an ActiveNet account, which may be filled out online or on paper; and an in-person visit to a family center to complete the Pool Connection. After May 27, the second step may take place at outdoor pools as well. 

No new account creation is needed for current family center members or Cooper Tennis Complex members, as well as any Parks customers who have a current ActiveNet account, used to register for Parks programs and classes. Simply log into the account and select “Passes — Pool Connection” before completing the account in person.

Once a Pool Connection is established, Parks staff will use this digital ID to check in each customer, by name, at outdoor pools.  

Another safety precaution implemented this summer: no customers ages 11 years and under will be admitted to an outdoor pool without an adult, age 18 and older, present. The previous minimum age to visit the pool without adult supervision was 9 years. This change matches the age requirements already in place at family centers and indoor pools. Customers ages 12 to 17 years may visit an outdoor pool without an adult present. 

How do I get my Pool Connection?


STEP 1: Fill out application on paper or online.

  • If you already have a Park Board Active account, the Pool Connection application is a quick and easy process. 
  • If you don't have a Park Board Active account, you will need to create an account before you may apply for the Pool Connection.
  • Need assistance? View our step-by-step guide here.

STEP 2: Visit any Park Board Family Center (or outdoor pool after May 27) to complete application.

  • Ages 17 and under, bring a responsible adult 
  • Ages 18 and older, bring any minor children you wish to add to your account.
  • Applications may be completed at Chesterfield, Dan Kinney and Doling Family Centers during normal business hours. After May 27, applications may be completed at Fassnight, Grant Beach, Meador, Silver Springs or Westport outdoor pools.

STEP 3: During your visit, have your picture taken by Parks staff. (Picture is recommended, but not required.) This will be added to your profile.


STEP 4: Visit any outdoor pool this summer, checking in by name at the gate. Pool admission is 

  • $4/Age 3-17 yrs., and 60 and older; 
  • $5/Age 18-59 yrs.
  • FREE/Age 2 yrs. and under


Fassnight Pool

1300 S. Campbell Ave.


Grant Beach Pool

1401 N. Grant Ave.


Meador Pool

2500 S. Fremont Ave.


Silver Springs

1100 N. Hampton Ave.


Westport Pool

3100 W. Mt. Vernon St.