Before & After School Care


Before and After School Programs

SPARC Before and After School Program is a licensed child care program that provides a great opportunity for your child to learn and grow both before and after school through a variety of clubs, sports, enrichment activities, homework help, and mentoring. The program provides:

  • Snack Time: A healthy after school snack and 100% Juice are provided.
  • Social Time: A chance for friends to catch up, talk about their day, and unwind.
  • Games and Activities: Every day provides a different activity, or choice of activities that work on a core physical, mental, or enrichment element. SPARC focuses on teamwork, sportsmanship, strategy, critical thinking, and more!
  • Homework Time: We give the students a chance to work on any homework from the day, study for any tests, or ask the staff for any specific help with an assignment.
  • Special Events: Movies, pizza parties, and cookouts!

Important documents:

Grades K-6
6:30 a.m.-School Begins; School dismissal-6 p.m.
Harrison, Truman, Watkins, Wilson's Creek, Carver, Cherokee, Pipkin (a.m. only), Pleasant View, Westport
$25-45/Week; Scholarships may be available.

Important Registration Information:


Springfield Public School Employees 


Prior to enrolling online, email your NAME, what PROGRAM and LOCATION you would like to register your child(ren), and we will email you registration instructions. 


SHINE Scholarships


To qualify for the SHINE Scholarship, you will need to provide proof of your child’s Free and Reduced Lunch status (more info below). Once eligibility is determined (5-7 business days), the SHINE Scholarship will cover the cost of the of the program eligible for the SHINE Scholarship. 

SPARC Programs Eligible for SHINE Scholarship 


Eligible Program 


SPARC Before School Only 


SPARC Before School Only 


SPARC After School Only 


SPARC Before School Only  

Pleasant View 

SPARC Before School Only   


SPARC After School Only 


SPARC After School Only  


SPARC After School Only 

Wilson's Creek 

SPARC After School Only 


A reduced fee is available for programs not eligible for the SHINE Scholarship. 

Proof of Free and Reduced Lunch Eligibility


Option 1: Prior to enrolling online, email your Free or Reduced Lunch Letter to and indicate what program and location you would like to register your child(ren). We will then email you registration instructions. 


Option 2: If you would like to enroll online, without first providing proof of eligibility for the SHINE Scholarship or Reduced Fee, a credit card will be required to be placed on file. Proof of eligibility will need to be provided by Aug 5., 2022, for the SHINE Scholarship and/or Reduced Fee to be applied. 


If proof of eligibility is not provided by August 5th, 2022, the card will be charged the Regular Program Fee at 12 a.m. the Wednesday prior to each week the child is enrolled. The Regular Program Fee will continue to be charged until the FRL Letter is received and processed (5-7 business days). 


If you are needing a new copy of your Free and Reduced Lunch Letter, please reach out to SPS Nutrition Services at: 417-523-1130. 

*Both 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 FRL letters will be accepted as proof of SHINE and Reduced Fee eligibility until Oct. 5, 2022. 


After October 5, only 2022-2023 FRL letters will be accepted.