Accessible Bikes

Accessible Bikes at Rutledge-Wilson Farm Park

The Springfield-Greene County Park Board’s Rutledge-Wilson Farm Park is home to three accessible bicycles designed for individuals with disabilities. The bikes are available for free check-out at the Rutledge-Wilson Farm Park gift shop, for use at the park, 3825 W. Farm Road 146, and on the Wilson Creek Greenway, which runs through the park. Please call in advance to ensure availability at 417-837-5949.

The park is open Tuesday-Sunday, 9 a.m.- 5 p.m., closed Mondays. Cyclists must sign a waiver, and are not allowed to remove the bikes from the park or the Wilson’s Creek Greenway. Helmets are required and provided. 

Two tandem bikes were donated by Friends of Abilities First. A full-sized tricycle came from a private donor. 

Bikes Available

The Duet, is a wheelchair-bicycle tandem. This two-person bike includes an adjustable wheelchair front seat, powered from behind by a 7-speed mountain bike, with electric pedal assist. The wheelchair seat can be used by anyone ranging 20 to 275 lbs., and is ideal for individuals who use wheelchairs or have difficulty walking, including elderly adults. The pedals and steering must be operated by teens or adult, depending n the weight of the person in front.

The Buddy Bike, is similar to a conventional tandem, with two seats, two handlebars and two sets of pedals. This bike places a smaller rider in front, with the rear rider powering the pedals and controlling the steering through oversized reach-around handlebars. The front rider may pedal or rest their feet on pegs. This bike is ideal for children or smaller adults who are able to balance on a bike seat.

One adult-size single-rider tricycles is also available and is designed for larger kids or adults who can pedal and steer themselves.

For more information about bike availability, contact Rutledge-Wilson Farm Park at 417-837-5949.