Master Gardeners Demonstration Garden

Master Gardener demo

The Demonstration Garden includes a series of gardens conceived and developed by Greene County Master Gardeners through University Extension. It’s intended to provide a primary educational opportunity for visitors to the garden to learn more about the pleasures of gardening for aesthetic as well as health and culinary purposes.

The Vegetable Garden features top performing edible varieties and different growing methods. The Herb Garden includes special collections of single herbs as well as textiles, cosmetic, medicinal, culinary and dyes and a lavender trial. The Turf Demonstration offers eight plots to show different types of grasses performance through both cool and warm-season. The Missouri Natives Garden offers planting suggestions ideal for the home landscape. The ornamental border includes small trees, shrubs and perennials ideal for both full sun and full shade gardens.

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*All demonstration garden photos courtesy of Aaron J. Scott Photography