English Garden

What would a public garden be without a quintessential English Garden, featuring a classic stone wall, meandering path and a 1750s-era sundial from Yorkshire, England.

This is one of the most visible and popular gardens, despite the challenge of replicating an English garden in the Ozarks, where temperatures are far warmer than its land of inspiration.

So even if the plants aren’t truly English in botanical terms, it truly projects a Cotswoldian ambiance with its densely planted juxtaposition of spikes, mounds and foliage.

Even better, this garden delights across the seasons, perhaps peaking in September when Lantana, Salvia and Goldenrod are at their best and roses and Russian sage ideally throw a second flush. April sees spring bulbs, pink Magnolia and dainty creeping phlox. By July, yellow Yarrow and Coreopsis, coneflowers and Shasta daisies are in full bloom.

Horticultural interpreter Peter Longley created this full-sun garden in 2003 and still provides primary maintenance of the some 40 plant species in perennials, shrubs, annuals and grasses.

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*All English Garden photos courtesy of Aaron J. Scott Photography