Azalea Garden

Hackberry trees created a high shade canopy ideal for planting azaleas in a garden initially designed and donated by well-known nursery owners Dow and Linda Whiting.

Some 20 varieties of azaleas in more than 200 plants were nestled in berms to create a beautiful expanse of color visible from the Botanical Center parking area during their long spring blooming season.

Considered a choice foundation plant and known as the Royalty of the Garden, azaleas are a member of the rhododendron family. We are experiementing with repeat blooming varieties of azaleas and adapting the soil pH with sulphur to improve the success rate of azaleas in this region. Companion plants include Japanese maples, dogwood, hemlock, Lenten Rose, coral bells and ferns. 

Hear About this Garden

*All azalea garden photos courtesy of Aaron J. Scott Photography