Herb Garden

This section of the Master Gardener Demonstration Garden deserves special attention for its focus on the many uses of herbs for cooking, medicinal and fiber purposes.

It provides instruction and inspiration with plants labeled by both botanical and common names and direction for raised beds and containers ideal for herb gardening.

In the culinary section, herbs are used for flavoring, storing and preservation of food. How many people know that more than 350 varieties of thyme exist for uses ranging from landscaping between paving stones to antiseptic properties for mouthwash and medicines! Mint has its own fragrant section with the many easy-to-grow varieties ranging from peppermint to lemon for uses in teas, sauces and salads.

The Springfield Area Herb Society is a nonprofit group dedicated to educating the public on the many uses for herbs. Additional support is needed, however, to maintain other aspects of the garden’s infrastructure.

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Master Garden Herbs
Master Garden Herbs - Culinary
Master Garden Herbs - Fiber
Master Garden Herbs - Thyme
Master Garden Herbs - Medicinal
Master Garden Herbs - Scented
Master Garden Herbs - Mints

*All Herb Garden Photos courtesy of Aaron J. Scott Photography