Lily Garden

The Ozarks Regional Lily Society tends to this garden as an affiliate of the North American Lily Society, with a group of members who qualify as national judges. Along with planting and maintaining the garden, the Society hosts a public bulb sale in March and a show at the peak of the season in June.

Calvin Helsley, founder of the Ozark Regional Lily Society and long-time active member of the North American Lily Society, assisted Major Close and Bill Roston in the design of the original lily beds. Garden staff updated the design in 2020 to improve accessibility and maintenance. Lilium bulbs are often fragrant, easy to grow and provide a profusion of brilliant colors. The collection includes Asiatic, Trumpet and Oriental genus Lilium varieties and peak blooms are seen from May - July.

Additional support is needed, however, to maintain other aspects of the garden’s infrastructure.

Hear About this Garden

*All Lily Garden photos courtesy of Aaron J. Scott Photography