Play Volleyball with Parks!

The Springfield-Greene County Park Board offers youth and adult volleyball programs from recreational to competitive leagues and for ages 4 and up. Whether it’s youth CODP or SPARC volleyball or volleyball for adults, we’ve got a wide range of places for you to spike it! View programs below.
  1. Adult Programs

  2. Adult Volleyball Leagues

    Adult volleyball leagues for women (Mon. nights), and coed (Thurs. or Fri. nights). Register by Dec. 22 for Session 3; Feb. 9 for Session 4. 417-837-5817

    Age: 14 yrs. and up
    Date: Session 3: Jan. 4-Feb. 19
    Session 4: Feb. 22-April 9
    Session 5: April 19-June 11
    Session 6: June 18-Aug. 3
    Time: Varies, call 837-5817 for details
    Fee: $160/Team
    Location: O'Reilly-Teft Gymnasium

  1. SPARC Fall Girls' Volleyball

    fun, safe, affordable experience where players learn basic volleyball skills and positive character traits. Games played on Saturdays. Practices scheduled by volunteer coaches on weekday evenings. Registration opens July 2, register by Aug. 5. SPARC Office 837-5737

    Registration Events - 4-6:30 p.m.
    Tues., July 24 at Truman Elementary
    Thurs., July 26 at Harrison Elementary
    Youth Scholarships may be available.

    Age: Grades 3-8
    Date: Sat., Sept. 8-Oct. 13
    Time: Game times vary, call for details
    Fee: $45/Child

CODP Volleyball
Volleyball through the Community Olympic Development Program is a very unique and exciting opportunity as we are currently the only CODP volleyball program in the country. Our program was created by the United States Olympic Committee to help identify, train and develop possible future Olympians. This program is for youth ages 4-18 yrs old.

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