NEW!!! 2021 Tournaments (Because these tournaments fill up in advance, only teams that submit an entry form and payment will be put into the tournament. If a team drops after the Friday at 5 p.m. of the deadline date, no refund will be issued whether a replacement is found or not.)


April 24: 13th Annual Spring Classic Girls Softball (Meador)  CANCELLED DUE TO RAIN

May 8: 41st Annual Heart of Ozarks Girls Softball (Meador) CANCELLED DUE TO RAIN AGAIN

May 21-22: MSHSAA Spring Softball State Championship
 Must advance through MSHSAA

June 5: 34th Annual Summer Classic Girls Softball (Meador)  FINAL RESULTS

10U MP - 
Blue Division - 1st) Marshfield Lady Jays  2nd) Superior FP   3rd) Lady Irish-Weiss   4th) Clever Blue Jays 
Red Division - 1st) Bullpen Psychos  nd2) Lady Knights  3rd) Talon 10U  4th) Irish-Stuhlsatz
12 U FP - 
Blue Division - 1st) Ozark Ambush  2nd) Bullpen Psychos  3rd) RepMO White  4th) Sandlot
Red Division - 1st) Superior FP   2nd) Nixa Boltz  3rd) Ozark Union  4th) Willard Tigers Silver

July 10: 7th Annual Summer Bash Girls Softball (Meador)  FINAL RESULTS
8U CP - 1st) Sparta Lady Trojans (2nd) Branson Parrots (3rd) Lady Irish (4th) RepMO Orange

10U MP - 
Blue Division - 1st) Bullpen Psychos  2nd) Tenacity  3rd) Superior FP  4th) Willard Tigers Black  5th) Branson Parrots-Atkinson & MO Chiefs
Red Division - 1st) Branson Parrots-Pritchell  2nd) PBSG Diamonds  3rd) Irish Stuhlsatz  4th) RepMO Orange  5th) Lebanon Angels & Willard Tigers Silver

12U FP -
Blue Division - 1st) Bullpen Psychos  2nd) Willard Tigers  3rd) MO Chiefs  4th) Branson Parrots-McGuire
Red Division - 1st) RepMO White  2nd) Ozark Union & Sandlot Elite  4th) Branson Parrots-McKee

October 2 - October Slow Men's Slow Pitch Tournament

October 29-30: MSHSAA Fall SB State Tournament

 Must advance through MSHSAA