Open Play & Public Skating

Public Skating

Public skating is open to the general public. These sessions provide a fun atmosphere for individual or family skating. Rent skates or bring your own as you skate to great music.

Open Play Hockey

Drop - in: Adult 18 Years Old & Over / Jr. 17 Years Old & Under Scrimmage Allowed

  • Designed for players to keep in shape, develop skills, and have fun. Full equipment is required.
  • In Adult Drop-In, no children are allowed on the ice or bench areas.
  • In Jr. Drop-In, no adults are allowed on the ice or bench area.

Stick & Puck

  • Please follow the age requirements listed on the schedule. Ages 12 & Under (coaches/parents are allowed if working with players)
    • Ages 13 & Up
    • Stick & Puck (no ages listed) = Open to ALL ages.
    • Regardless ALL players must pay - including coaches/parents.
  • Designed for players to work on their individual skills and have fun.
  • Scrimmages are not allowed.
  • Private lessons are allowed, but the group cannot take up an entire end.
  • Minimal equipment is required:
    • Elbow pads
    • Gloves
    • Hockey Helmet/cage
    • Pucks
    • Shin guards
    • Stick
  • No team practices.