Pro Shop

The Cooper Tennis Complex offers a full service pro shop serving the needs of our members and guests. Our pro shop carries a wide variety of Nike, Adidas, Prince, Wilson, Asics, Babolat, Wilson, Head and Volkl tennis products. Our product line consists of junior and adult rackets, bags, shoes, grips, apparel, string, and many other tennis accessories. In addition, we offer tennis stringing and racket services. Demo rackets are available for $5 but the cost goes towards the purchase of a new racket up to $20.

String Information

  • Lower String tensions generate more power (provided string movement does not occur)
  • Higher string tensions generate more ball control (for experienced players)
  • A longer string produces more power (larger racquet frame)
  • Decreased string density (fewer strings) generates more power
  • Thinner string tend to produce more spin
  • Decreased string density (fewer strings) generates more spin
  • Basic rule of thumb is to restring a racquet as many times per year as a player plays per week. This applies if the racquet is used or not, the string will lose their tension over time.

Tri-Core with MultifilamentString Price List

StringTypeStiffness (lbs)Retail
Babolat RPM Blast 16Polyester280$35.00
Babolat RPM Blast 17Polyester273$35.00
Tech. Red Code 16Polyester258$30.00
Luxilon Orig. 130Polyester249$35.00
Luxilon Alu Power 125Polyester242$35.00
Prince Beast XPower 17Polyester240$18.00
Babolat RPM Team 16Polyester231$35.00
Prince Tour XControl 15LPolyester227$16.00
Babolat RPM Team 17Polyester224$35.00
Head Hawk 16Co-Polyester224$35.00
Prince Tour XPower 16Polyester216$20.00
Luxilon 4G Soft 125Polyester214$35.00
Prince Tour XPower 17Polyester210$20.00
Prince Tour XSpin 17Polyester200$18.00
Luxilon Element 125Polyester194$35.00
Wilson Revolve 15Polyester192$20.00
Wilson Sensation 16Synthetic/Multiflament209$30.00
Wilson NXT 16Synthetic/Multiflament198$30.00
Wilson Sensation 17Synthetic/Multiflament197$30.00
Technifibre NRG2 16Synthetic/Multiflament197$30.00
Wilson NXT 17Synthetic/Multiflament193$35.00
Wilson Synthetic Gut 18Synthetic Gut
Technifibre NRG2 17Synthetic/Multiflament190$30.00
Head Hawk Touch 17Synthetic/Multiflament189$30.00
Wilson Synthetic Gut 16Synthetic Gut
Wilson Synthetic Gut 17Synthetic Gut
Prince Premier Control 16Tri-Core with Multifilament
Prince Premier Power 17Multifilament
Prince Premier Touch 17Multifilament Ribbon
Babolat VS Touch 16Natural Gut
Babolat Tonic+ Ball Feel 135Natural Gut