Membership & Fees

Membership/Passholder Benefits

All Cooper Tennis Complex membership packages (standard, corporate, individual, family, and junior) include several benefits like:

  • 4 guest passes per contract year
  • Access to permanent reserved court time
  • Admittance to all complex facilities (outdoor courts, locker rooms, and exercise / weight room)
  • Discounted programs and lessons
  • Free court time when reserved within 24 hours
  • Primary access to Lasers season tickets
  • Quarterly newsletter
  • Reduced prices on special events and professional matches

Call 417-837-5800 for information about the monthly installment option on membership packages.

Standard Membership/Passholder Packages

Annual memberships at the Cooper Tennis Complex are available to people of all skill levels, ages, and abilities. The specific needs of families, individuals, or youth are fulfilled with a Cooper Tennis Complex membership.

Membership Type
Annual Fee
Senior Couple$500

Corporate Membership/Passholder Packages

If you opt for a corporate package, you will enjoy a discount on your membership. To obtain a corporate membership, simply gather 10 employees at your place of business who would like to become passholders. Each employee may choose the type of membership that best suits his or her needs: family, individual, or youth. Everyone will benefit from the savings of nearly 15%!

Membership Type
Annual Fee
Family Corporate$520
Individual Corporate$385
Collegiate Corporate$210
Corporate Youth$210

Definitions for Membership/Passholder Types

  • Family: A legally married couple living together and their children; or a single parent and their children
  • Individual: Any individual who is 19 or older
  • Collegiate: Any college or vocational student under the age of 26
  • Youth: Any individual who is 18 or younger

Schedule of Fees

Springfield-Greene County Park Board Administration reserves the right to update any of the following information.

Indoor Court Fees for Passholders

Indoor court reserved within 24 hoursFree
Indoor court reserved outside 24 hours$15/court/hour
Schools Rate$10/court/hour
Indoor court cancellation fee on free courts$5

Indoor Court Fees for Non-Passholders

Guest Fee$15/person/day (Plus court time if applicable)
Singles Court Time$6/person/day
Doubles Court Time$3/person/day
Trios Court Time$4/person/day

Outdoor Court Fees


Miscellaneous Fees for Passholders

Rent-a-club private party$250 for 3 hours
Ball machine rental$10/hour
Locker rental$10/month
Hitting with a pro$25/hour
Fitness room accessFree

Miscellaneous Fees for Non-Passholders

Rent-A-Club private party$250 / 3 hours
Ball machine rental$25 rental ($10 rental + $15 guest pass)
Fitness room access$5 a day