Doling Park Museum

  1. What's going on in Doling Park?

    Heavy equipment and supplies are being placed west of Doling Lake for the ongoing Doling Park and Pea Ridge sanitary sewer project. In coming weeks, work in this area will include excavation of rock and soil, and installation of large diameter pipe. Work within this area of Doling Park is expected to take at least two months, but timing on this project varies based on the amount and type of rock below the surface, and weather. Any impacts to park parking or trail use will be announced.

    There is also a portion of work scheduled later for the east side of Doling Lake. Once complete, the Doling Park and Pea Ridge sanitary sewer will be able to manage larger amounts of wastewater with fewer overflows — great news for both Doling Park, where we have experienced manhole overflows, and our neighborhood. To learn more about this project, read more here.

    *** Due to safety concerns, the contractor has closed the west side parking area, in the lot closest to Giboney Cave. Please do not approach the work area or heavy machinery.

Doling Museum


The Doling Museum is located on the site of the Doling Skating Rink, once the area’s most popular recreational attraction. The original rock wall of the building still stands. The museum contains memorabilia of Doling Park, including items from the amusement park and skating rink days, displays tell the story of Doling Park and other historical information of the Park Board and our community. The museum display will change with provided memorabilia.

The Memories Project features shared memories of community members of the Doling Park era.  If you are interested in donating items (or providing a loan for temporary display), or would like to share you memories, please contact Kennon Ellison at 417-837-5808.