Lake Drummond

Since 2001 when Lake Drummond was dedicated with the opening of Close Memorial Park, this urban water refuge has provided tranquil walks, beautiful views and spots to stop and sit a spell for many thousands of visitors.

The lake was named for AnneCase Drummond, a civic forcewho inspired and mentoredgenerations of Ozarks women.Her likeness is memorializedin bronze sitting on a parkbench lakeside near the garden’ssouthern entrance.

In 2014, the City’s Public Works Departmentcompleted a major stabilization and beautificationproject at Lake Drummond. It looks better than evernow, with the path around it passing through driftsof spring bulbs, the Woodland Garden, the EnglishGarden and access to the South Creek Greenway.

Hear About Lake Drummond

*All Lake Drummond photos courtesy of Aaron J. Scott Photography