Community Sports Development Program Volleyball

The Community Sports Development Program – Volleyball focuses on building consistency in basic volleyball fundamentals and incorporating those skills into competition. The head coach of the program is 2-time Olympian and 1992 Olympic Bronze Medalist, Lori Endicott-Vandersnick. Lori is originally from Springfield and her experience as an Olympic athlete allows other young players to realize that Olympic dreams are possible.

CSDP volleyball is about creating a complete player. We strive to help each participant to build the skill, character, and work ethic of an elite athlete, so that they can reach their own volleyball goals.

CSDP Volleyball Opportunities

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VolleyKids / VolleyTikes

Fun introductory class for 4-9 year old boys and girls

  • Focus
    • Ball Development: Kids will practice hand eye coordination skills.
    • Game Development: Kids will learn basic concepts associated with the sport of volleyball.
    • Motor Development: Kids will learn different movement patterns that will help them to be successful in all sports.
    • Skill Development: Kids will learn and practice three of the main volleyball skills of passing, setting and serving.


Fun introductory volleyball for ages 4-6, focusing on motor movements, hand-eye coordination, basic volleyball skills and basic game knowledge. O'Reilly-Teft Gym 417-874-2915


Fun introductory volleyball for ages 7-9, focusing on motor movements, hand-eye coordination, basic volleyball skills and basic game knowledge. O'Reilly-Teft Gym 417-874-2915

"Tune Up" Volleyball Clinics

These clinics focus on preparation for the upcoming club volleyball season. Each athlete will receive instruction in all of the volleyball skills as well as game play situations. Registration required per week. O’Reilly-Tefft Gym

CSDP Summer Training Opportunities

3rd and 4th Grade  
(Practice one time per week)
Clinics are designed to help the young volleyball player learn basic fundamentals and gain knowledge in the sport through game play. Each player will receive instruction in all of the major skills and have an opportunity to use those skills through controlled competitive situations.

5th-8th Grade  
(Practice two times per week)
Clinics for this age group will teach athletes all of the major skills as well as more advanced movements like jump/zone serving, various attacks, defensive movements, and game strategies. All players will have an opportunity to perform high repetitions in order to develop consistent skills and results. Each training session will also incorporate game like situations to help develop understanding and “flow” of the game.

Position Specific Training 
(Practice one time per week)
These specialty clinics focus on developing advanced skills and movements associated with a specific position within the sport of volleyball. O'Reilly-Teft Gym 417-874-2915

Setter Training 
​​​​​​​​This clinic will focus on hand and body position, footwork, setter attacking and setting a variety of sets and locations. The players will also be introduced to setting strategies and learning how to create an offense. It’s important that setters learn to be efficient and consistent in their movement patterns and techniques in order to gain consistent results in location and tempo of sets.​​​​​​​​

Hitting/Blocking Training 
The hitting portion of this CSDP clinic will focus on developing consistent and efficient footwork and arm swing. During the training session, athletes will practice a variety of shots from different areas of the court. The blocking portion of the clinic will be geared towards footwork, as well as timing and hand placement for effective blocking.

Passing/Defensive Training
This clinic will teach specific skills related to serve receive, defensive movements and positioning. Athletes will also learn how to read various cues given by servers and attackers which will help them anticipate what will happen next on the court.

Server Training
Athletes in the serving clinics will learn techniques to develop a consistent serve. This clinic will also focus on serving to different zones of the court, serving strategies, float serving, and the jump serve.

Beach Volleyball  
(Practice one time per week)
Beach volleyball was added to the CSDP programming in 2018, due to the continued growth of the sport across the country. The CSDP beach volleyball clinics will focus on specific fundamentals, rules and techniques used while playing on the sand. These clinics will incorporate skills along with competitive drills during the training sessions. Many universities, including Missouri State University, have added beach volleyball to their scholarship sports, which opens up new opportunities for volleyball athletes. O'Reilly-Teft Gym 417-874-2915